We discuss key things, including how this market works, trading times, which lot, pip, swap.


What is the foreign exchange market Callosa Digital
In this article, we introduce the basics and concepts related to the Forex market.

This is an introductory text for all aspiring investors. You will learn how trading looks like, who trades with whom, who has the greatest influence on instrument prices. We will introduce you the facts about the Forex market, we will also introduce the entire structure of the financial world and learn how your orders are processed in the market.

Foreign exchange market

As the practice says, many of our counterparts know the term "foreign exchange market", but not all of its known true meaning. Today we will talk about what the foreign exchange market provides and what functions it performs.

For most people, the foreign exchange market is more like Forex. But in fact, for ordinary citizens, Forex is just a game with currency quotes, since it is impossible to withdraw the purchased currency from there. And keeping it there is unprofitable, since there is always a swap (commission for transferring a position). Another thing is the stock market, or rather the currency part.

Brokerage account

After opening a brokerage account (like this one forex trading strategy), it will be possible to replenish it. This can be done at any time. An account can exist without money for as long as you like. Replenishment is free and is not subject to any commissions.