If there is a need to delegate authority to other specialists, a designer, copywriter and targetologist will be hired first. Because the main goal of an Social media marketing-specialist is to think through a promotion strategy and control, and not perform technical tasks.


Social media marketing manager: the pros and cons of the profession Callosa Digital
Most often, an Social media marketing manager specializes in one social network, a maximum of two or three...

Hello everyone, dear readers! A relatively new but very popular profession is Social media marketing jobs. A few years ago, companies did not even think about the possibility of comprehensive promotion in social networks. It is now a must-have part of marketing for any business or personal brand. This is not surprising, because it is in social networks that potential clients spend most of their free time. Social media marketing marketer who he is, what he does and how much he earns, we will tell you further.

Who is an Social media marketing manager

Social media marketing is a promotion system in all kinds of social networks (see Wikipedia). A social media marketer is a person who attracts customers, manages the company's image and forms a positive perception of the product. He is involved in supporting an organization, store or personal brand on various social networks. It brings clients from the Internet, and makes it so easy that the buyer does not have a feeling of imposition at all.

Do not think that the responsibility of an Social media marketing-specialist includes only filling the group with content on social networks and responding to comments from subscribers. First of all, he is a marketer who thinks over and develops a promotion strategy. That is, it acts in a comprehensive manner, constantly analyzing its work with the help of built-in social network and third-party tools.

However, with small volumes (1-2 groups in social networks), a professional is quite capable of handling all the work on his own.

The fact is that the promotion strategy in each of them can be strikingly different from others. Therefore, marketers appear, leading brand channels only in Telegram or TikTok. You need to come up with different content, take into account the features of ranking, the reaction of the target audience, etc.

Social media marketing managers are assigned various tasks. And this is not always exactly the lead to buying a client product. For example, the goal might be to build a positive image of a company or brand. In this case, the work strategy will be completely different, and the efficiency will be assessed by the level of subscribers' engagement (likes, comments, reposts, participation in contests, etc.). Or the goal will be to go to the site, then the result will be the number of redirected users.

Before starting to promote on social networks, a specialist determines which social network is best suited for a specific task. It can be any channel, including the already familiar LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, or relatively new TikTok or Telegram. You may need a complex of social networks, but this does not happen so often and depends on the target audience.

You've probably seen advertisements for online jobs in Social media marketing and training courses that promise great income after taking them. It is important to understand that success in this profession can only be achieved by improving your skills and constant practice. It is impossible to get an excellent salary just once having received knowledge. A social media manager is a difficult and responsible job, but at the same time it is an opportunity to realize oneself in a new Internet sphere.