An accountant is a specialist who maintains accounting in a company, deals with document circulation, preparation and sending of accounting and tax reports to regulatory authorities.


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An accountant is a specialist who maintains accounting in a company…

An accounting specialist must be familiar with the regulatory framework, familiar with industry legislation, and continually improve their qualifications.

Job description of an accountant

Each organization has its own job description for an accountant - ITIL v4 PDF is a good example.

Since there is no standard governing the content and procedure for developing a job description, all companies independently form a description of a particular position. Therefore, a document from one company cannot match another.

This local document spelled out the production powers and duties of a specialist, which vary from the scope of the firm, the structure of the financial and economic department, as well as from the area that a particular specialist has to manage.

The job description of the candidate (like Business books PDF free download) is introduced before signing the employment contract. The document is developed by a personnel worker or the head of a department together with a lawyer. After, the instruction is approved by the management having such authority.

Usually the documents are prepared in triplicate. The first copy of the job description for each employee is kept in the personnel department, the second is at the head of the department, the third is at the employee.

Note that the list of what an accountant does depends largely on the company.

If there is only one accountant in an organization, then he has to combine several areas of work at once and also be a chief accountant.

If the company has several accountants, then job responsibilities will be distributed among them.

So, for example, in companies that employ several accounting specialists, accountants work in certain areas. Read Cracking the PM interview PDF for more details.

One accountant is responsible for keeping cash and payroll, the second accountant deals with foreign exchange transactions, the third accountant deals with the warehouse and finished products, etc. The chief accountant is responsible for all accounting and its correct conduct.