If you are a lover of words and love solving anagrams and deciphering letters, you like it!


Word Trip Callosa Digital
Word Trip is the first of its kind word puzzle game, stitched together with a cross-country travel theme

The classic scrabbles word game reintroduced to bring you the best of entertainment. Word Trip is the first word puzzle game of its kind to be merged with a cross-country travel theme. Scratch letters on the compass to form different words. Solve word puzzles to reach each country. As the game progresses, the puzzles get more difficult as new countries welcome you.

Puzzle game

Word Trip is a puzzle game that involves finding hidden words and testing your vocabulary, spelling, and puzzle solving skills. No rush, no stress. A travel-themed game that will keep your brain entertained and your verbal strength in your free time. If you're a word lover and love to solve anagrams and decipher letters, Word Trip is the perfect choice for smart people like you.