If earlier sites had to be technically correct to be displayed in search results and it was possible to ignore the consumer and his interests, now search engines urge the creators and owners of sites to think like a site visitor. This may sound trite, but this is where you should start. It is necessary to create content specifically for users, not for search engines.


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The time when it was possible to manipulate the results of search engines is gone. Now search engines have begun to change their algorithms, they are becoming more and more intelligent

The influence of social networks

The influence of social networks in Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services has not been proven.

If you've posted your article on a social network, for example, and bought thousands of likes, it won't add any ranking weight to your page. Thousands of likes don't equal a thousand links to your site. And search engines have been filtering this for a long time using complex recognition algorithms that negate these manipulations.

I have a client who blog on Livejournal and Facebook. The client is promoted using paid tools, and within the framework of the social network, this has some success and brings its results, but none of the posts in the search engines comes out with targeted queries.

Placing information about your company (with a link to the site) in various Internet catalogs and databases does not increase the site's position in search results

Often, businessmen use the services of placing information about the company with a link to the site in hundreds of Internet catalogs. This does not work, because search engines have very low trust in these sites, this is irrelevant information, and for a search engine, simply placing a link in hundreds of directories does not mean anything.

But there is one exception - this is when you post on your site information about the client company you worked with. This is a very important point. People who are looking for your client will go to your site. For example, if I work with Vector LLC and wrote a small review in the client's description on the website, my site will appear in the search results for Vector LLC. This contributes to an increase in traffic, albeit indirect. Such a link will be quite competitive.

Various types of posting also do not work for ranking

Posting on various forums, communities and social networks is another trend of recent times. Posting is the ability to openly comment on various materials on the Internet and post links in such comments. In fact, posting is a parasite on other people's materials. Such links will most likely not be taken into account when ranking search results.

Paid ADS versus SEO

Many people are interested in the question: advertising versus SEO (Yandex Direct, Google Adwords versus SEO). What to choose: contextual advertising or SEO promotion. I will not recommend any of these types, as both are effective when done correctly. I will just give you what are the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of promotion.