As for the advice in various sources about a comfortable distance to the screen 1.5-2 times its diagonal (for a 24-inch monitor it is 92-122 cm)


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With the choice of aspect ratio, things are a little more complicated...

Here you can only wonder and ask the authors of such advice if they often see on sale tables with a depth of more than 60-70 cm and are there so many monitors on the market with a stand that allows you to place the screen almost at the very edge of the table. In addition, such advice does not seem to take into account visual acuity, which not everyone can boast of. This is the case for Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 [2021 Review] - GamingProfy.

With the choice of aspect ratio, things are a little more complicated. Here you need to decide what you want to get. Often watch films shot in the correct "cinematic" format 2.35: 1 / 2.4: 1, prefer to see windows of three or more applications on the screen at the same time, do photo editing and retouching, video editing, and in modern (this is important!) games do not give up on expanding the field of view? In this case, we strongly recommend choosing among the large 21: 9 models and, perhaps, considering monitors of 32: 9 and 32:10 formats, which are essentially "gluing" two 27-inch Full HD (49-inch version) or two 24-inch WUXGA (43-inch model).

You are not bothered by black bars on the sides and, in general, movies, TV shows and TV shows do you like to watch on a big TV, prefer to keep everything in sight, like to play old games and do not see anything wrong with the constant transition between several applications? If the answer is yes, forget about everything except the standard 16: 9 format models - they may not be the future, but they will be afloat for a very long time. This option is also suitable if you simply do not have a desire to get used to something new, and you call everything that differs from television 16: 9 a "tank gap", as it was 10 years ago and with the first models Full HD standard.